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Google's App Engine Platform

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Top Stories, which used to be just a chi-chi SaaS house until it realized that identifying itself with cloud computing would make it even more fashionable, has expanded its alliance with Google. It’s come up with for Google App Engine, described as a new set of tools and services for application development in the cloud. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 It mates the Salesforce widgetry with Google App Engine, connecting the two cloud platforms. Both Salesforce and Google claim it will create "entirely new Web and business applications." Under this new regime web applications get native access to Google App Engine's Bigtable data and App Engine programs can leverage the enterprise data stored in complements of Google favorite language Python. for Google App Engine creates Python libraries that... (more)

Zoho Claims To Crush Google’s Python Hug

Zoho says that web apps created using its Creator widgetry can be automatically turned into programs that will run on Google's Python-constricted App Engine. App Engine, remember, only supports code written in Python and a particular species of Python at that. Now Zoho is saying you don't need to know Python or write a line of code in the language to run on the Google cloud - data and all. The upstart says it's layered Zoho Creator on top of Google App Engine and basically turned it into an integrated development environment (IDE) for App Engine. It warns that the new widgetry isn't perfect yet - it's still a "bit geeky" and there are feature limitations - but it's supposedly useable. It says it can do the same thing with other languages. Zoho claims over 130,000 applications have been built with Creator. Cloud Computing Technology Contributors of 2009 10Gen, 3Leaf Sy... (more)

Google Launches WebM Project Promising Free Open Video Format for Web

Google will be open sourcing video codec VP8 , the technology that it procured as a result of its acquisition of On2 Technologies. The initiative is a part of its newly announced WebM project for developing open standard, high quality video on the web. All videos that are 720p or larger uploaded to YouTube will now be encoded in WebM. The project was announced at this year's annual Google I/O 2010 in San Francisco and in addition to the VP8 video codec, it also includes the already open source Vorbis audio codec.This is expected to provide direct competition to the patent-encumbered H.264 codec supported by Apple and Microsoft not to mention a free alternative to the ubiquitous Adobe Flash . With Browser makers Mozilla and Opera along with several other high tech vendors including Skype, Logitech, AMD, ARM, Nvidia and Qualcomm losing no time to announce their suppo... (more)

Seasonal Gifts From Google App Engine

According to Brett Slatkin of Google's App Engine Team, a new a billing feature for App Engine is on the horizon, which will enable an app to grow beyond Google's free quotas. He also unveiled an App Engine System Status Site that monitors the latency and uptime of various components and provides real-time visibility into their performance, and a new Quota Details Dashboard. The new System Status Site, Slatkin explains, provides a detailed view into the performance of various App Engine components using some of the same raw monitoring data that our engineering team uses internally. This includes: up-to-the-minute overview of our system status with real-time, unedited data daily overall serving status for each of our APIs, including any outages or downtime detailed historical latency and error-rate graphs for the App Engine Datastore, Images, Mail, Memcache, Serving,... (more)

Google App Engine Goes Commercial

Google is ready to start charging for its App Engine cloud platform. For the 10 months it’s been in preview it’s been free to use but limited to 500MB of persistent storage and enough CPU, bandwidth and whatnot to support about five million page views a month. On Tuesday Google said it was ready to follow through on its intention to offer additional computing resources for a price and allow apps to scale beyond its free quotas. It said it’s been its most requested feature. However, it’s going to lower its free thresholds in 90 days, claiming it overestimated the resources developers needed to get started. It thinks the free resources will still support five million page views a month. Under the new regime, it says developers can set a daily budget for their apps representing the maximum amount they’re willing to pay for computing resources each day. They allocate this... (more)

Google Sets Up Google Apps Store

Google Session at Cloud Expo Apple is beginning to know how Xerox PARC felt. Like Apple did to PARC, Google has lifted from Apple again this time on behalf of Google Apps and set up a Google Apps Marketplace where third parties can sell business programs that integrate with Google Apps to the two million companies and 25 million users that have reportedly adopted Google Apps in the last three years. The marketplace, which will irritate Microsoft, launched Tuesday with some 50 programs from companies like Intuit and Atlassian and more reportedly coming from companies like NetSuite and SuccessFactors. Skytap is kicking in its cloud. Google appears to want a $100 listing fee and 20% of the take “in return for the streamlined purchase and install process and integration features exclusive to installable apps.” It will be setting up a billing service that manages the sh... (more)

Asus to Release Android Tablet

Asustek CEO Jerry Shen said at a conference in Taiwan that Asus will show off an Android-based Eee Pad tablet at Computex in June and start selling the thing in Q3, according to DigiTimes. The Eee Pad will include Flash, USB and an integrated webcam, features Apple's iPad lacks. DigiTimes says the Eee Pad will use Nvidia's Tegra chip and run $475-$510 with bundled carrier service. Asus expects to sell 300,000 tablets this year. Asustek gained fame for the original netbook in 2007, the first of its widget to carry the Eee brand, and its success with the things has helped make one of the top five PC vendors. The company is now reportedly expecting tablets to deflate overall netbook demand by 10%-20%. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal says pricier $550-$850 laptops have been outstripping netbooks, growing 35% in Q1 to netbooks 20% according to Microsoft data while Int... (more)

Chrome Architect Jumps Ship to Facebook as Google Me Rumor Surfaces

Google has lost the guy who started and led its Chrome OS project to Facebook. Matthew Papakipos (pictured), who joined Google in 2007 when it acquired PeakStream which he founded, tweeted the news Monday morning, saying “Now that Chrome OS & WebGL are in good shape, it’s time for something new. I’m going to work @ Facebook! Love the product and team. Woot!” Google, meanwhile, is running up a Facebook clone according to a tweet Saturday by Digg co-founder and CEO Kevin Rose that said, “Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch Facebook competitor very soon ‘Google Me,’ very credible source.” Rose’s tweet led to speculation that Google could be combining Orkut and Buzz or doing some kind of takeover off on Google Profiles. Google’s got to be worried about where its traffic is going these days. Facebook is now supposed to have 450 million members, going on 500 million ... (more)

Unisys Gets GSA Contract for Cloud Solution on Google Apps for Government

"We applaud GSA for boldly embracing the benefits of cloud computing to improve communications and collaboration across their diverse organization," said Ted Davies, president of Unisys Federal Systems. "We are excited to partner with our longstanding GSA customer to more effectively deliver their mission supporting other agencies and the U.S. citizens at a lower cost to the taxpayer." The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) on Thursday awarded a contract to Unisys to create a secure cloud-based email and collaboration platform, based on Google Apps for Government, to allow GSA employees to collaborate and work remotely from any location at any time. According to GSA, the migration will result in a 50 percent savings over the next five years when compared to current staff, infrastructure, and contract support costs. The five-year, firm fixed price task order... (more)

Talend Continues Momentum as Big Data Requirements Mature

Talend, the global integration software leader, on Tuesday announced that 2012 marked a year of sustained growth and expansion in a market increasingly driven by the need to maximize the value of enterprise information assets. Providing Integration at Any Scale, Talend’s integration solutions truly scale for any type of integration challenge, any volume of data, and any scope of project, no matter how simple or complex. Unifying data, application and business process integration, Talend dramatically accelerates time-to-value for businesses. “We began 2012 with the ambitious goal to further democratize the integration market and to help organizations solve big data needs,” said Bertrand Diard, CEO and co-founder of Talend. “Success was bolstered by our unique value proposition which, supported by a flexible and future-proof architecture, helps organizations of all s... (more)

Google Apps Compliance

The technologies from Google that use cloud computing like Gmail, Google App Engine, Google Docs, etc., provide users with a cloud-oriented way of saving their data.  Google provides its Cloud services in highly secure manner and security is certainly an imperative design component of each and every Google’s cloud computing element like data storage, processing, server assignment and compartmentalization. The security controls which isolate the data during the processing in the Google’s cloud were developed along with the core technology right from the beginning. This security is certainly a key component. Google’s security strategy provides the security controls at multiple levels of data access, transfer and storage. This security strategy of Google Includes the following components – Organizational security, access control, environmental & physical security, syst... (more)