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XML Security at Cloud Expo OWASP AppSec DC 2009 had a compelling session that defined cloud taxonomies and the security implications associated with the cloud computing. The three taxonomies that have become part of our vernacular are: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Set of virtualized components that can be assembled to build a application.  Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Opsource, and GoGrid are examples of IaaS where you can rent "virtual" hardware and software as a "pay-as-you-go" services.  If you need 5 Linux servers running MySQL Database for 3 months, you'd subscribe to an IaaS provider and using their REST or Web service-based API (or command line if you're too cool) to provision, de-provision and monitor your instance. Platform as a Service (PaaS): A runtime environment for application developer to deploy their applications in their desired programming environm... (more)

Google App Engine Goes Commercial

Google is ready to start charging for its App Engine cloud platform. For the 10 months it’s been in preview it’s been free to use but limited to 500MB of persistent storage and enough CPU, bandwidth and whatnot to support about five million page views a month. On Tuesday Google said it was ready to follow through on its intention to offer additional computing resources for a price and allow apps to scale beyond its free quotas. It said it’s been its most requested feature. However, it’s going to lower its free thresholds in 90 days, claiming it overestimated the resources developers needed to get started. It thinks the free resources will still support five million page views a month. Under the new regime, it says developers can set a daily budget for their apps representing the maximum amount they’re willing to pay for computing resources each day. They allocate this... (more)

Cloud Computing Strategy

(5sahjdcb8k) This post is triggered by John Gannon asking me a question about “the implication of VMware acquisition of Spring Source?” VMware: I already have the most popular virtualization software and I will integrate Spring Source and create the best PaaS offering. Amazon EC2: I am extending my cloud facility to a virtual private environment so that you security concerns are taken care. Microsoft: I am giving you a platform which is very similar to what you use so that you can seamlessly extend your application to the cloud and even the developers can continue to use the same set of tools. IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service   PaaS: Platform as a Service   SaaS: Software as a Service   The proposition: The proposition: The proposition: I will give you a virtual machine in the cloud which you can provision any time you want You pay for what you use You can scale ... (more)

What Yahoo Exiting Hosting and SMB / SaaS Means to Hosters

Yahoo is unloading Zimbra and with it the whole SMB hosting business. While the Zimbra part is interesting to us here at Open-Xchange, as it also shows some technology related weaknesses, the bigger picture may be even more interesting - especially to Service Providers. Tier1's Phil Shih get's it right (as usual): "...Yahoo is also set to unload Zimbra, which Yahoo has had little success leveraging across its small business customer base, although it continues to grow. T1R does not agree that Zimbra had (or has) no hope within Yahoo because it is a solely enterprise-focused product, as some of the media commentary suggests. While Zimbra could be a bit up-market for the Yahoo Small Business base, there is no reason why the product could not have been tailored for the small business market. Or Yahoo could have at least leveraged some of Zimbra's technology and create... (more)

Google Apps: Not as Cheap as They Look

Google on Ulitzer The city of Los Angeles can't make up its mind whether to trash its clunky Novell system and go with Google Apps for e-mail and office applications, citing costs and necessity. It was supposed to be a showcase account for Google. The decision will now move from LA's budget and finance committee to the full city council for a vote next week, according to the LA Times. Google would cost $7.25 million, $1.5 million more over the five-year life of the contract than sticking with the current system. Microsoft was also a bidder. ... (more)

The Power of Google and the Promise of Cloud Computing

Google App Engine Platform Evans Data Corp announced that use of the Python scripting language has increased by 45% since Spring 2008 according to the most recent North American Development Survey to be released this week to subscribers. Only 13% of developers used Python before Google announced its App Engine platform in Spring 2008, which at the time only supported Python, but that number has increased to 20.3% today. Other scripting language use remained relatively constant, with only small gains or losses in popularity among languages such as Ruby, PHP, Perl and Actionscript. “Python has been around since 1989, but never had many users until recently,” said Janel Garvin, of Evans Data. “This adoption change illustrates the power of Google and the promise of Cloud Computing on which Google’s App Engine depends. As the computing landscape evolves with the Cloud... (more)

Instant Professionalism Online Despite Yourself...with Ulitzer

Personal Branding on Ulitzer I read an article by an author on and was amazed at the professional image it provided him. I immediately researched Ulitzer to see if there was yet hope for me. I am a technology blogger on the subject of mobile computing strategies.  As I was doing research I came across the author Ian Thain, a fellow mobile computing blogger, who had a very professional website on Ulitzer ( Professional envy motivated me to investigate this thing called Ulitzer. Ian's website looked like he had spent a great deal of time and money on it - all things I am short on. I carefully studied Ian's website to see how it was set up.  It looked like an expensive industry portal with colorful graphics, animation and industry news. It had tabs that filtered articles, by most popular, by date, etc.  I have blogged for over 5 years so... (more)

Centerstance Joins Google Apps Authorized Reseller Program

Google News on Ulitzer Centerstance announced it has become an authorized reseller of the Google Apps suite of communication and collaboration tools. Google Apps brings simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools to all sizes of organizations. With Google Apps, users have access to applications such as Gmail webmail service, Google Talk instant messaging service, Google Calendar calendaring service, Google Docs program, Google Sites web application, and Google Video for business with their own domain to work together more effectively. Best of all, everything is hosted by Google, so there's no hardware or software to download, install or maintain. "It's a natural partnership," stated John Marshall, Director of Technology Services at Centerstance. "Centerstance is the Northwest's premier Cloud Computing consulting company and Google is a major player in both... (more)

Google Wave

Google Wave on Ulitzer Invites left: 26 8 Looks like Google sent out another bunch of invitations for Wave & since most of my friends are already on Wave, I thought why not give it away. So, in case you want one, just drop a comment (don’t forget to protect it against spamming by substituting @ with [at] & the likes) or mail with your name & email address. I’ll update the counter on top as I progress with the giveaway. I’ve used Wave to collaborate on a couple of projects in the last couple of weeks. Some features are not yet functional, but it does look pretty promising. And yes, it seems that Wave is more responsive on Google Chrome than Firefox. P.S. It wouldn’t hurt if you did your bit for the Water initiative by scrolling down to the Socialvibe widget on the sidebar & adding your signature to the cause on my blog. Update (26/11): Sent out 6 invitations based... (more)

The Impact of Real-Time Search on Social Media Marketing

Real-Time Search at Cloud Expo The recent launch of Google's real-time search engine is set to have a positive impact on the social media marketing industry and improve the results of campaigns according to Reality Digital. Google real-time search constantly updates as events and conversations occur around the web. The announcement that deals with Facebook and MySpace have followed the previous agreements with Twitter and LinkedIn means that streams from a brand's Facebook and MySpace pages will now have a direct impact on search engine results, and real-time updates from social networks will be visible on the search engine results pages themselves. Reality Digital has indicated that these deals will have a significant impact on the social media marketing industry. The appearance of social media content in search engine results will serve to enhance the reach of soc... (more)

Google Targets Mobile Marketing Business

Google will be acquiring AdMob, a network for ads on mobile gadgets for $750 million broadening its advertising reach to include mobile segments. Omar Hamoui, CEO of Admob launched the company 4 year ago and has been a pioneer in the way he has maneuvered the controls imposed by wireless carriers to produce an effective mobile network for advertising. The platform has allowed Independent apps developers to find cost-effective ways to sell their product in targeted spots. Till date, Admob has displayed 140 billion ads on mobile Web sites and applications and it's revenue is expected to be anywhere between $45 million and $60 million this year. Google plans on leveraging AdMob's headstart in the mobile ads space that pundits predict is going to explode in the next four years, and takes a natural step sideways from its main source of revenue in online advertising. The pr... (more)